Plough Lines

by Plough Lines

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First four songs.
Written early 2013.

It's cool that some people have paid for this download but we implore you to purchase a tape from our peoples at wolftowndiy [dot] limitedrun [dot] com which will surely bring you longterm happiness and luck xxxx


released September 20, 2013

Recorded by Tommi Nichols and Thomas G. Featherstone
Artwork by Steven Hill



all rights reserved


Plough Lines Manchester, UK


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Track Name: Please Advise
Fade out. Stop breathing for me.

And I guess i'm stupid.
And I can but I don't, just grow up and walk home.
When i'm drunk, i'm stupid.
And i can but I don't, just throw up and crawl home.

Can't fathom sober opinion. Keep them to yourself.
Track Name: Ten and Two.
So I guess we're leaving together, alone.
From an office complex in our home.

Our office complex is just that.
The skyline's a smoke fade from your lips to mine.
Track Name: Elegy for J.R.
Speak all at once or not at all.
Dirge reverbs through the hall (down.)
Sickened, dearest friends have their reasons.
And weakened hearts that they must tend.

All my oldest friends are falling out.
They've gone to death.
They're fading away,
like the rest of them.

A hollow world over ground to eulogise forgotten sound.
And hard to explain why the new year waits.
It never stops, it never ends.
Can't count ourselves as friends.
I know that it's hard (that i'm far from.)

It never stops, it never ends.
Track Name: Keanu Grieves
I've made a lot of stupid decisions arbitrary feeling
I'm waiting at home for something to happen - there's no pressure i'm just hanging. I'm hoping for the world to open up.